Capricornio y capricorn son signos compatibles

Very soon a light will shift from red to green, so be ready. The phrase, 'calm before the storm' is very pictorial, isn't it? However, you'll be pleased to know the opposite probably applies to you now.

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You might not be granted deep, sublime tranquility but will at least feel able to relax and feel more optimistic toward what has been a source of tension or frustration recently. Try as you might, you find it difficult to shake the thought that you're not gaining or benefiting from an arrangement in ways you feel you should be.

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However, there is a chance you have unrealistic expectations or are expecting more within a certain timeframe than is reasonable. Someone might appear to reap more reward than you but what has become imbalanced will rectify itself in the light of coming events.

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Your patience won't go unnoticed, either. It can be easy to accept a group consensus by looking at a problem and believing you hold no level of influence to improve it. Adopting a mindset of 'it is what it is' is unhelpful and counterproductive. However, if you summon some Aries initiative and make an effort to bring a change you want to see happen, then you could find others support you. Being willing to take action that others are only considering is enough influence you need.

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Home of the most accurate, honest and caring psychics. Daily horoscope Choose Your Astrology Sign Check your horoscope daily and see what's in the stars for you today. Leo What might appear to be daunting or even terrifying to one person can be something someone else can't wait to seize with both hands. Scorpio Allow your instincts to point the way forward regarding what you sense might be possible if you invested a little bit of effort.

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