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Then, we have all the details you need regarding your personality. The bottom line is that your personality is versatile. Although you have a few areas that require smoothing out, you enjoy an almost perfect balance in life. This is your magic vehicle to success. Here is your full horoscope profile with all the details.

Read on to appreciate your personality fully. Your zodiac sign is Pisces. Your astrological symbol is Fish. This symbol represents versatility, progress, youthfulness, and maturity. It covers individuals born between February 19 and March The planet Neptune plays a central role in your life. Because of its influence, you display such outstanding qualities as dynamism, intelligence, and humanity.

Gyan Varsha Numerology : Birth Day 1, 10, 19, 28

Water is your main governing element. Water empowers you to be quite emotional. You are in touch with your own feelings, and those of your environment. To achieve this, water associates closely with Earth, Fire, and Air. March 1 zodiac people are on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Sensitivity. This cusp enables you and your fellow Cuspers to be sensitive, sensible, and response to the plight of the less privileged.

Two planets, Uranus and Neptune, have a direct impact on the Cusp of Sensitivity. Uranus rules over Aquarius, while Neptune governs your Pisces side. This gives you some very interesting qualities. For example, you have a strong visionary attitude.

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Also, you are loyal to family and friends. You are quite the liberal in your family, and you like it when everybody has their way. Your astrological charts indicate that you have a strong immune system. This notwithstanding, be wary of possible infections to your bones and feet. March 1 zodiac people show a great spirit of adventure and enthusiasm when it comes to relationships. You are active in love as much as you are active in life. In fact, you are indefatigable in trying to win the hearts of new partners.

You never rest until you have captured the heart of a new, exciting lover. This thrill keeps you going. You are not very keen on settling down. You prefer a no-strings-attached kind of a relationship. You can go to great lengths to avoid being committed to a love relationship.

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But, a close study of the planetary alignments reveals a very interesting side to your love life. It shows that when you do finally settle down, you will open a door of opportunities. You will come across as loyal, loving, and protective.

As such, you will be a good partner to your spouse and a supportive parent to your children. Your family will know tranquility and happiness. You feel a close attachment to people who mirror your attributes. You are drawn to people who are attractive, charming, outgoing, and adventurous. The best place to get such a partner is among the Taurus, the Scorpio, and the Cancer. People born under these zodiacs will appreciate your eccentricities.

The fact that you share many attributes with them is a plus. Thus, a relationship with them is bound to be fruitful.

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A word of caution! Your astrological charts indicate that you are least compatible with people born under Aquarius. The truth is that you share very little with this Earth sign. As such, a relationship with them is bound to be tumultuous at best.


Consider yourself warned! March 1 zodiac people possess a deep sense of spirituality. You are visionary, and you have a very ordered way of leading your life. You have definite ambitions in life. Your goals are clear-cut, and you know exactly what you need to do to scale the heights of success.

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