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Read on to find out what awaits you this thrilling birthday year! With Mercury in Leo starting mid-August, expect for there to be a bigger focus on drama more than usual in your communication sector. This will influence the intensity of your conversations with both your romantic and non-romantic companions. To avoid any foot-in-the-mouth moments, just be sure to think before you speak something sensitive out loud.

Before ends, karma may be paying you a visit. As long as you were a good buddy to those in need this year, you likely will have nothing to worry about. However, you could face some nasty social consequences if you needlessly turned your back on anyone in your circle of friends. Next birthday year will be much less dramatic, with your popularity boosted, especially in April and May.

Ideally, you should be able to juggle all of your relationships with zen as you approach the middle of Singles will be feeling extra flirtatious and frisky this year. Expect your confidence to soar to new heights! Even if you experience dreaded rejection, nothing is stopping you when you are on the hunt for your next partner.

You are more playful throughout the rest of , as you converse with those from all walks of life with an open mind. After some love life comings and goings, you will be more ready to settle down a bit when gets rolling. Your best chance for changing your relationship status comes around the first quarter, where you are more romantically-minded. Your mood will become quite passionate when the right man or woman enters your social life. Leos who are already in a committed relationship can anticipate the heat in the bedroom getting turned up a notch!

You are craving physical and emotional attention from your partner, and you are dishing it out yourself just as quickly. If your partner cannot keep up, there is room for temptation to enter your love life before December As long as you are fully-committed, there is no need to fear a major breakup. However, if you have already felt the relationship being on the rocks, this compatibility clash may be all it takes to push you into the arms of a new lover.

Fortunately, blesses you with better fortune for relationship next steps, such as engagement and marriage. So by this time next year, you should be having any kinks in the relationship sector smoothed out. Stress and challenges on the career front may be pushing you to explore other options.

It is ideal for you to pursue a career change before ends, if you have already been contemplating this.

Your August Horoscope, Revealed

Your needing the right type of mental stimulation in order to remain motivated. There will be career path opportunities for you and alternative paths to explore, so make sure to carefully evaluate your options to avoid any regrets due to spontaneity.

Economic Condition for Leo Horoscope 2020

Your ability to impress others will be peaking in the 4th quarter of , making it a great time for job interviews or important work-related meetings. You will shine during this time. As you get through January of , the confidence that you were buzzing with last year may be starting to wind down a little. Watch out for any Machiavellian co-workers who will look for any excuse to tear you down. If you make any slip-ups, don't be too hard on yourself.

Even the mighty Leo lion can be his own worst critic from time to time. You may also be sensitive to increased hostility in the workplace occurring around mid Office bullies, beware! You are not afraid to speak up to protect your closest work pals or naive interns you have just met.

Financially, you are on your way to having more stability and security than you have had in quite awhile. This is one of your more lucrative birthday years. You won't be afraid to enjoy the good times while they last.

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Be sure to set some money aside for the future so you are not kicking yourself later on! Some engaging investment opportunities may start popping up as you get through March Fortunately, you have mentors in your social circle that will point you in the right direction.

Leo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

This birthday year, it is a good time to make some expensive purchases that you have been procrastinating on. Example ideal expenditures would be a new automobile or home improvement projects. August You will be having some of the most fascinating conversations of the year this month. Your communication ability is buzzing with energy. Potentially, you may be dominating others a bit with all that you have to say. Be sure to take time to listen, as well! Key Date: Think before speaking around August 11th. A big secret could slip right out of your mouth to the wrong person.

If you don't want to be the new head of the rumor mill, communicate with caution this day! September Your oozing with charisma at work this month. In addition, you are quite the social butterfly. This combination makes for a great time to host an office event or lead a team project.

You have the golden touch at work this month, and your superiors are taking note! Key Date: You can use your charm to your advantage the most on September 27th. If you can team up with any fellow Leos at work for a project or event this day, you will take the office by storm!

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October Your career path is taking up a lot of time, and you are at risk of neglecting some people or projects that need to be done at home. Expect home life to be more needy of you than usual this month. It may seem like you can't take even a day off. Expect to lose some sleep this month. Key Date: Stress may be reaching a peak on October 20th. Whether it is an argumentative family member or a broken water heater, expect someone or something to cause you to lose your patience today. November Emotionally you are more moody than usual.

There may be some stress spillover from the previous month. It is a perfect time to plan a relaxing retreat, even if it is just for a day or two. Take as few people with you as possible. April to June Viewing planetary movement here, you are to meet many persons here. Some new friendly relationships are to take shape. However, you need to execute due caution in new friendly relationship, more so with opposite sex.

Do not make any firm commitment in new friendly relationship. Planetary movement from around mid of May to around end of June gives you opportunity to access integrity and commitment in relationship. The concern person reveals his intention to benefit from you. Single one already in love relationship is able to judge commitment level of his loved one. July to September No major development is foreseen in matter relationship No serious issue related to family is to bother you here. You are to have a nice time with family here. You may have some issue with one you are emotionally attached.

You need to take care about sensibilities of the concern person you are emotionally attached. Try to resolve the issue amicable to preserve peace and harmony in relationship. Love birds are to have a pleasant time here. Married one remains unhappy due to kind of indifferent attitude of life partner. October to December Single one is being pressurized by loved to confirm love relationship soon by tying nuptial knots.

Single one keeps stalling the event, due uncertainty on career front here for now. Single one promises to tie nuptial knots at some suitable time.

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No major issue related to relationship in general is to cause concern for you. You are to have a happy time with family here.

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